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Chemistry Stockroom


The Chemistry Research Stockroom mainly provides solvents, gases, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and a few other common consumable items to researchers in the Chemistry Department, although our services are not limited to CHEM.  The Stockroom is a service center and is subject to detailed cost accounting procedures within the university, which means that we must apply strict rules for users who wish to make purchases.

Making Purchases

There are two ways to make stockroom purchases.  For regular users, it may be convenient for you to have an open "monthly blanket" ISR.  Instructions for creating a "blanket" ISR may be found here (PDF).  The blanket ISR allows purchases up to the total dollar amount that you specify within HokieMart.  Make sure you specify VT Chemistry Research Stockroom and that you include the account code 1244R.

Occasional users must have a printed Purchase Order in hand at the time of pickup, indicating specific items to be obtained from the VT Chemistry Research Stockroom.  Printed POs must have a number starting with "P" because the number starting with "R" is only a requisition, NOT a purchase order.  You will NOT be allowed to pick up items without appropriate paperwork.  You will only be allowed to pick up items that are listed on the PO, and your ISR form must include packaging units such as ea, lot, bot, gal, etc., to ensure that pricing is accurate.   Also because the stockroom is a service center please make sure that you use the number 1244R for your account code on your order to the stockroom.

The Stockroom cannot make sales with cash.

Stockroom Manager

    Sharelle Dillon

Sharelle F. Dillon
171 Davidson Hall
1040 Drillfield Drive

Service Hours

  • M-F 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Now open at lunchtime!!

Ordering and Pricing

  • General instructions at left
  • Stockroom Price List (HERE)

Shipping Address

171 Davidson Hall
1040 Drillfield Drive
Dept. of Chemistry, 0212
Blacksburg VA 24061

Phone and Fax

  • Manager 231-7795
  • Stockroom 231-2046
  • Fax 231-8255