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The Virginia Tech Department of Chemistry has a rich history, a strong international reputation, and a bright future. Our curricula provide the educational foundation for all Virginia Tech science and engineering students. Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs prepare society's future scientists. Our alumni are gainfully employed in the industrial, government, and academic sectors.  

Spencer Ahrenholtz Receives ACS Award

    Spencer Ahrenholtz
(April 17, 2014) Spencer Ahrenholtz, a 4th year graduate student in Amanda Morris's group, has been selected to receive a grant from the American Chemical Society on the basis of scientific merit. The Women Chemists Committee and Eli Lilly co-sponsor the award, which was designed to encourage young female chemists to attend national ACS meetings. In additional to financial support for travel to the Fall ACS meeting in San Francisco, the WCC hosts a poster session and reception for the awardees. They are also recognized at the WCC Luncheon and invited to a private dinner with WCC members.

Prof. A. Morris Discusses Senate Energy Bill in Richmond Times Dispatch Editorial

    Amanda Morris
(April 10, 2014)  Prof. Amanda Morris, an ACS designated "Expert in Sustainable Energy," is featured in a Richmond Times Dispatch editorial discussing the potential "enormous opportunity for new commercial innovations" that could be realized through passage of the bipartisan Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act (Senate Bill 1392).  According to Prof. Morris, "We can be both sustainable and profitable through our energy use habits.  We just need to harness our ingenuity."  Read the full editorial here.

Congratulations to CHEM "Favorite Faculty!"

(April 10, 2014)  The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce that the following eight faculty members were recognized as "Favorite Faculty" for the 2013-14 academic year:  Shamindri Arachchige, Jeannine Eddleton, Alan Esker, Mike Berg, John Matson, Gordon Yee, Patricia Amateis and Maggie Bump.  The Favorite Faculty Program, coordinated through the Division of Student Affairs, affords students the opportunity to recognize faculty members who have positively impacted their learning experiences at Virginia Tech.

Kristina Roth Receives Aker Fellowship

    Kristina Roth
(April 3, 2014) Kristina Roth, a second-year graduate student with Prof. Tijana Grove, has been awarded the prestigious George E. and Hester B. Aker Fellowship from the VT Graduate School for the 2014-15 academic year.  The fellowship will enable her to continue her research on the design of nanoparticles with multimodal imaging capabilities, specific cellular targeting, and on-demand drug release. The goal of this collaborative project between the Grove and A. Morris labs is to advance personalized cancer and brain injury therapies.

Chemistry Graduate Student Honors for Joe Calderone and Marwa Abdel Latif

    Marwa Abdel Latif
    Joe Calderone
(March 27, 2014) Joseph A. Calderone, III (MS advisor: Webster Santos) earned the “Outstanding Master’s Thesis”award from the College of Science for 2014.  Marwa K. Abdel Latif (PhD advisor: Jim Tanko) has also been honored this year with the Graduate School’s “GTA Excellence Teaching Assistant Award.”  These talented students will be recognized at the Graduate Education Week Awards Banquet on March 27 and will each receive a monetary honorarium.  Congratulations to Joe and Marwa!

Elements Newsletter Fall 2013

The Fall 2013 Edition of "Elements" is available here.

Highlands in Chemistry Seminars

Spring 2014 Schedule
Fridays, 2:30 PM, 140 Hahn North

April 18
Daniel Quinn
University of Iowa
"The Quest to Resurrect Aged Acetylcholinesterase"

The complete Spring 2014 Highlands in Chemistry seminar schedule is available here.  

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