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The Virginia Tech Department of Chemistry has a rich history, a strong international reputation, and a bright future. Our curricula provide the educational foundation for all Virginia Tech science and engineering students. Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs prepare society's future scientists. Our alumni are gainfully employed in the industrial, government, and academic sectors.  

Prof. John Matson Receives NSF CAREER Award

    John Matson
(April 2014)   Prof. John B. Matson has been awarded a five-year NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award through the Biomaterials Program.  Matson’s work with hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) as a vital biological signaling molecule will provide a basis for examining H2S-releasing materials as stimulators of angiogenesis, the process through which the body makes new blood vessels. This $530K CAREER award will facilitate the synthesis, assembly, and biological characterization of the first-ever H2S-releasing gels and enable researchers to better understand the effects of H2S signaling on angiogenesis. (more on Prof. Matson)

3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award for Prof. John Matson

    John Matson

(April 2014)  Prof. John B. Matson has received a three-year renewable “3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award,” designed to “help promising faculty receive tenure and contribute to their academic field.”  Prof. Matson was recognized for his work on H2S-releasing polymers.  As a biological signaling gas, H2S plays a vital role in a number of physiological processes. The research that prompted this honor extends the Matson lab efforts on H2S-releasing polymers (published last summer in Macromolecules) toward materials to be used in wound-healing. (more on Prof. Matson)

Prof. Tim Long Named “Virginia Outstanding Scientist for 2015”!

    Tim Long
(March 27, 2015) Timothy E. Long, Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute, has been selected as one of three “Virginia Outstanding Scientists for 2015.” Long will be honored by Gov. Terry McAuliffe at a ceremony at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond on April 2. Says McAuliffe: “The 2015 Virginia Outstanding Scientist recipients are at the forefront of their fields and are recognized for their contributions to future technologies.” Over the past 16 years, Prof. Long has received more than $41 million in research funding and maintains a 20-member, interdisciplinary research group focusing on macromolecular structure and polymerization processes for the development of advanced technologies including drug and gene delivery, sustainable food stocks, adhesives and elastomers, and biomaterials for health and energy. He has over 220 scholarly publications in peer-reviewed journals and is credited for 50+ invention disclosures and patents. As stated by Lay Nam Chang, dean of the College of Science: “Having Tim as part of our team at Virginia Tech provides rich opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration between departments, and provides our students with instruction and research opportunities available in very few places.”  Read more about Long’s distinguished career here.  CONGRATULATIONS TIM!

Elements Newsletter Fall 2014

The Fall 2014 issue of Elements is available HERE!